Reviews: “Cambodian Rock Band” at South Coast Rep

“As Chum, Ngo (who is also Cyclo’s lead guitarist) portrays his lead role with a beautiful sense of squelched energy—someone who can be manic and excitable one minute and then completely guarded and vulnerable the next. Of all the actors, Ngo goes from one end of the emotional spectrum to the other the most, establishing this incredibly lively character whose journey keeps you at the edge of your seat.”

Michael Quintos, BroadwayWorld


“A sensational Ngo aces older Chum’s English-As-A-Second-Language accent, his resiliency, and his Cambodian charm and younger Chum’s rocker’s exuberance, drawing from his Khmer Rouge-surviving parents’ lives…”

Steven Stanley – StageScene LA


“The cast members, particularly Tsuji and Ngo, are funny and winsome in their double roles — and together, they also make a pretty good rock band.”

Margaret Gray, Los Angeles Times


“A stunning,emotional performance deeply rooted in music and history by actor Joe Ngo”

Tracey Paleo, Gia on the Move


“As Chum, Joe Ngo is phenomenal in @SouthCoastRep’s Cambodian Rock Band. Bursting at the jugular with commitment, Ngo brings so much potency to Chum’s painful dilemma with masked humour (cute accidental innuendos in the mix) and a voice to move rock.”

Paul Selar @Operachaser via Twitter


“Ngo and Tsuji consummately carry Yee’s story…Ngo’s likable Chum seems unruffled and easy-to-please but is, in reality, hardened by torture and laced with sadness…”

Eric Marchese, OC Register